Tips To Help Prevent AC Unit Breakdown

We live in a tough economy so having an AC unit that breaks down is not ideal. AC repair is often much more expensive than what many think. There is no mechanical system that will not need some sort of repair in the future but most are actually preventable. If you want to prevent AC unit breakdown, AccuServ offers these really useful tips.

Dealing With Dirty Filters

A 1 inch disposable filter has to be replaced every single month. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten. Many service calls are connected with the filter that became dirty and was not replaced. A dirty filter is going to drastically reduce the air quality indoors and the entire home will become less comfortable. At the same time, indoor coils can end up frozen. If this happens there are different serious repairs that would be necessary for the AC unit.

Tripped Breakers

Tripped breakers are going to cause the AC unit to not cool the air and are much more common than what people think. The good news is that this tripped breaker can easily be reset. If the breaker keeps tripping, you have to call the AC professionals. It is possible that the breaker is bad, the capacitor is bad or a wire is loose. When you do not solve the simple problem it is a certainty that really expensive repairs are going to follow.

Leaking Refrigerant

Al AC units are sealed. Refrigerants should never leak. In the event you see this leak, it is quite obvious that something bad happened. If you keep using the unit you would be faced with really low efficiency and increased electricity use. The air conditioner may not even be able to cool the room anymore. Coils can freeze and compressors often get damaged to some degree. To make matters even worse, refrigerant gas is greenhouse gas. Although something as simple as a defective valve may be the case, as soon as the leak is seen you should close your AC and contact a professional to check everything.

Clogged Drain Lines

Temperature is lowered in the home as moisture is eliminated from humid air. Draining out moisture is normally done through plumbing systems. Drain pans have to be added as backups and secondary drains for condensate are needed. Unfortunately, sometimes these end up being clogged, often because of the presence of algae. Home water damage can appear in this case. You want to contact the professionals when you notice signs of home moisture or when it is clear that drain lines are clogged. Fortunately, this is rare when you go through a spring checkup.

Duct Leak

If you use forced air heating and cooling systems, conditioning air is gained through payment. There is ductwork that is going to deliver air to various rooms. When ductwork is present in areas that are not easy to access by you, it is really possible that a leak cannot actually be determined. Unfortunately, this means that you are going to pay more. Whenever you notice your electricity bill climbing without any visible reason in the home, checking the entire system becomes a necessity.