Revolutionary Textile Called nanoPE Could Reduce The Need For Commercial Air Conditioning

How often have you found yourself next to someone at work who’s wearing multiple layers of clothing and shivers all throughout the summertime because the air conditioning is turned on, and yet, you happen to find the indoor temperature quite warm? This is all too common in the UK where people rarely have air conditioning equipment in their own homes, yet work in places where the indoor air feels cold.

Help might be just around the corner, however, for people who are always warmer than those around them when in environments that are climate-controlled. Stanford University research teams in the United States have designed a textile that enables body heat to escape when worn against the skin whilst simultaneously preventing heat and light from penetrating. When this textile is incorporated into fabrics, it could effectively reduce the surface temperature of the skin by up to four degrees Fahrenheit.

The researchers who designed this fabric assert that when people wear these clothes, the need to have air conditioning in office buildings could be greatly reduced, which would in turn limit the overall costs of energy. Dubbed nanoPE, this revolutionary textile cools the surface of the skin via numerous tiny holes that reflect visible light while allowing infrared light to pass. Perspiration also has the ability to evaporate right through this fabric.

While all of this sounds quite interesting, there is the challenge of convincing people that this fabric is safe and good to wear. Yep. This probably isn’t something that is going to happen any time soon. Until this time comes, climate control is the surest way to keep people comfortable and safe while working in the office. Due to this fact, you have to have a trustworthy contractor to handle all of your air conditioning needs, including the selection, installation, maintenance and repair of your air conditioning equipment. Complete Cooling Systems Ltd. is a trusted source of these services throughout greater London, Kent and Surrey. Get in touch with us now to schedule your no-obligation consult.