How important is the on demand water heater?

When it comes to a water heater, the level of convenience one offers must match its maintenance costs. While most homes use the conventional but costly tanked heater, tank-less heaters, also known as the on-demand heaters seeks to revolutionize this sensitive home sector. So what is the importance of an on-demand heater and why should you install one at your home.


1. It is cost effective

While the initial installation costs of an on-demand heater are higher than that of a heater tank, their long term maintenance costs are incomparable. Primarily, the tanked heater runs on electricity while the on-demand heater uses gas. Additionally, significant energy is wasted when using the tanked heater as it keeps on heating the same water again and again just to ensure it maintains the preset temperature levels.

On the other hand, the on-demand heater only uses enough power to heat a certain amount of water required at a particular time. You, therefore, stand a chance to shed off more than 20% of your annual water bills with an on-demand heater.

2. It is durable and environmentally friendly

Unlike its tanked counterpart with an average usable life of about ten years, the tank-less heaters can have a usable life span of about two decades. This explains why the on-demand heaters are more costly to install. You will also be contented to note that the tank-less heaters are environmentally friendly. They have a comprehensive combustion chamber and are operated using natural gas, thereby eliminating the possibility of emission of greenhouse gases.

3. They save on space

You don’t have to create additional room for installation of the on-demand water heater. Most of them are custom designed to match their use, a factor that is not possible with the tanked heaters. For instance, some on-demand heating units are small enough to fit under cabinets or in the closet. Their designers seek to bring the unit as close to the point of use as possible. Once equipped with an anti-freeze kit, the unit can also be installed in outdoor spaces.

4. It doesn’t expose your house to unnecessary risks

These small designs eliminate the possibility of water damage, often associated with the tanked heaters in case of leaks. This is emphasized by the fact that the on-demand heaters don’t hold in water for heating but heats it as it passes on its heat exchanger unit on route to direct usage.

5. It does not run out of hot water

The tank heater can only provide as much hot water as its tank base can hold. Once depleted, the homeowner has to either wait for the refilled tank to heat or source other means of heating water. This inconvenience is one of the fundamental reasoning behind the development of an on-demand heater as it will never run out of hot water.

The importance of an on-demand water heater is emphasized on by the various benefits a homeowner stands to gain by installing one at home. With such a heating unit around the house, you won’t have to worry about increasing water bills, running out hot water when you need it most, or constantly have to worry about floods that may be caused by heated water tank leaks.