How to Choose the Lighting for Home Interior

Sure, in this modern day, every house must have lighting in it. More than just it is functioned to brighten the interior up, lighting is also functioned to add the aesthetic side of a house. Furthermore, it improves the psychological aspects of the homeowners. Based on that fact, it is definitely important to choose the best lighting for your house. So, what are the things to consider so that you will not be disappointed in the future? Here they are.

The Concepts

There are many types of lighting you can install for your room. They are including chandelier, table lamp, LED profiles, LED stripes, and still many more. Of course, it is up to you and absolutely depending on your taste whatever the lighting type you want to choose. However, it is wiser if you are also considering the interior concept before starting it all.

As an example, if you have a library in the house, the minimalist lamp that enables you to read the books comfortably is the best choice. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the bar concept to be applied in the kitchen, colorful LED is a good choice for the kitchen lighting as well as it gives a unique and beautiful vibe.

The Interior Designs

This point is still related to the concept mentioned above, actually. Despite the lighting choice must depend on the concept and functions, the interior designs should be the second consideration. For a classical living room, you can choose a kind of big antique chandelier with many details. Sure, it is also if the living room is large enough to load this type of lighting.

On the other hand, modern and minimalist living room doesn’t need too many details like that. This way, a simple chandelier like in the form of minimalist balls or pendants is much more recommended. Besides, you can also choose the LED lighting to install in some parts to add the minimalism in it.

The Lighting Colors

In each color of the lighting, it has its own vibe, nuance, and impression. In general, there are 3 colors of lighting commonly used for the home interior. They are yellow, white, bluish white. The yellow lighting is more recommended for the hallway entrance, living room, and bathroom. The color is indeed improving moods and stimulating people to do more activities.

The white color also has the same effect to the yellow one actually. However, it is sometimes too blinding so that you should not use it for the bedroom and library. Well, for the living room and dining room, it is just necessary for the cheerful vibes given. Meanwhile, the bluish white color is the best for the bedroom since it may cause you sleepy and is really good for taking a rest.


For all ideas of home improvement, it is important to consider your budgets. Indeed, you need to prioritize first in choosing the home lighting. But if it is too expensive and makes your money easily gone, you should not force yourself for it.