What are important features to look for in the best wood splitter?

Everybody needs a log splitter to get rid of axes and maul. It requires a lot of power and time to split logs by using an axe or maul. Every individual cannot get that much free time to finish this task. Therefore, a tool is required that can help you in splitting tough logs quickly at your home. The log splitter is that tool that you need now. You will get confused when go to buy a log splitter. The sheer amount of this tool can cause a lot of confusion in your mind. You need to focus on some basic things and you will get the right tool to split woods during the winter season. Follow this guide:

What is the cycle time?

It is probably the most important thing you should check while buying a log splitter. The cycle time is the time required by a log splitter to split a log of wood. If the cycle time is minimum, the chosen log splitter is probably the best you can find. The machine will work much faster and you can quickly finish the wood splitting job much quicker.

One handed operation or double handed operation?

Most of the modern age splitters offer one handed operation. This type of models let you split the wood by one hand if you can pick up the log by one hand. The other hand will always be free. There are some safety concerns regarding this model and therefore you should also consider another option. The double handed operation log splitter is different. One of your hands will be on the switch and another will hold the lever. As you set the log on its place, you can pull the lever to split the log. Consider both models to choose the best.

Gas powered or electric powered?

Most of buyers want to save money and that’s why they need a more affordable log splitter for their home. The electric log splitters are great when it comes to saving some money. This kind of log splitters is not perfect when it comes to power specs, but these are the best for residential use. The gas powered log splitters are powerful machines. You can easily split the toughest logs within a second. You can use this machine in the woods where the tough tree logs are situated.

Manual or motorized:

When you do not want to spend your money on gas or power, you can get a manual log splitter. It is a man powered machine that allows you to split any kind of wood log into small chunks. You can use a handle to push the log towards the splitting head and it will easily destroy the log. The motorized log splitters seem better when you do not want to waste your energy on splitting woods. The motorized log splitters help you in finishing the job faster and without getting tired. The manual log splitter would be a great choice if you want to do some exercise while splitting logs.