The Differences Between Adjustable Bed by Bed In A Box and Ordinary Beds

The quality of your bed determines your sleeping quality. That’s why you should use a high-quality bed that gives comfort and boosts your health. Adjustable bed by Bed In A Box can be a good product that meets your needs while sleeping or taking a nap. Let’s take a look at the detail of the bed below.


The manufacturer designs a simple and elegant bed. This design allows you to go to the bed easier and get the benefits by the time you sleep on it. You can choose three different sizes which are twin XL, Split King, and Queen beds. The combination of white and blue attract you to sleep as soon as you see the bed. The bottom buffers or legs are strong enough to hold the bed as well as your weight. The manufacturer is using heavy-duty materials to lift to 880 pounds safely. The size is large enough for you to get the best sleeping position and achieve high sleeping quality. Even, you can move anywhere you want around the bed freely to get the most comfortable sleeping position.


Adjustable bed by Bed in A Box is a different product than other ordinary beds. The main difference is on the technology in which the bed is supported by Bluetooth technology and a remote. By using this technology you can control the bed to get the best position while taking a nap or sleeping. The good news is that the technology is compatible with Bed in A Box mattresses. Interestingly, you can also control the bed by using your beloved Smartphone. The point is that the control is in your hand and let the bed gives you the comfort that you need.

Easy to Install

You don’t need to get confused to install the bed. The package is including the assembly and operation manual. Just read the instructions and follow them carefully. The bed is easy to install so it is ready to use right away. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time as long as you follow the instructions you can finish it and use the bed.

Interesting Deals

Bed In A Box offers the bed along with interesting deals. Let say, the store offers the bed with a discount price. The store also has a relationship with Affirm so you can buy the bed by paying it in installment. The monthly payment is more affordable and you can enjoy the bed immediately. There is also a fun challenge where you can show your comfortable position while laying on the bed by using #OGBedInABox.

So, if you are looking for a solution to get high sleeping quality, you just have to choose the best bed. The adjustable bed meets the criteria of the bed that can improve your sleeping quality. The design is also suitable for all types of bedroom styles. Use the bed regularly and feel the benefits after a few weeks or even after the next day you are waking up.