One Word to Describe Fitted Wardrobes: Practical


If you want to use every inch of space in your bedroom, you should consider getting a fitted wardrobe. There are two kinds of storage that you can choose from – freestanding storage units and fitted wardrobes. Freestanding storage units may look like a more convenient choice as you only need to buy the unit and wait for its arrival. However, this convenience easily loses its value once you start using the freestanding wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes may take longer to install, but offer more benefits than freestanding units.

One of these is the fact that fitted wardrobes allow for better use of available space. This storage option is built to fit the space available in your room, so you can use up space from the floor to the ceiling. Freestanding wardrobes always leave some space at the top. While you can place some of your items on top of the wardrobe, these things will not be protected from various elements in the room such as dirt and dust. Putting your wardrobe in an alcove will also leave some leftover space at the sides. The space could have been used to store more of your personal belongings.

Freestanding wardrobes have a limited number of rails and shelves, which are usually not organized to match your storage needs. Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, can be designed and built exactly how you want it. You can have a certain number of rails and shelves for folded clothes, shoes and shirts. This makes it easier to get what you need. Fitted wardrobes are also easier to maintain. The unused space on top of a freestanding wardrobe usually gathers dust. If this area is narrow, it will be hard to clean the top of the wardrobe. Cleaning is not a problem with fitted wardrobes. This unit fits seamlessly into the available space, so there are no open spaces where dust and dirt can gather.

Freestanding wardrobes come in a specific design and size. Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, can be customized according to your needs, budget and preferences. The design of a fitted wardrobe can complement the overall theme of your bedroom. You are also free to choose the material to be used for your fitted wardrobe. For instance, the wardrobe doors can be made from wood panels. You can also incorporate a large mirror in the unit. Fitted wardrobes can be customized to fit awkward spaces. Even rooms with sloping ceilings or uneven walls can be fitted with a storage unit.

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