All about the Post construction cleaning for your new home

Summary; The post construction clean up services require appropriate cleaning tools and unique supplies for the best outlook of the house. This article deals with the priority cleanings once the construction of the house is over.

If you are an owner of a beautiful house whose construction is recently finished then you must be looking for the cleaning procedures and ways to make the house look clean and tidy.  You may require some quality concierge cleaning organization who solely offers cleaning services for various sectors. They can really prepare your house, before the inauguration day and accordingly can take charge of entire cleaning related works.


As the entire construction of the residence gets over, the lined up post construction services starts accordingly. The experts are generally in response to clean the floors, window panels, ceilings, stairs, walls and even the carpet cleanings as well. They gather their own equipment to do the necessary work in an effortless way without asking you about different equipment.

Inclusions of post-construction cleanings

The post construction cleaning service offer by the company professionals cleaners to include loads of things and responsibilities which can be started in the following bullet points;

  • Cleaning and wet wiping of all the hard surface floors
  • Dusting of the baseboards
  • Cleaning of the baseboards
  • Vacuuming every covered territory of the rooms
  • Cleaning all the water radiators
  • Cleaning every utility cabinets in the kitchen and living room, warming framework, stockpiling territories and carports.
  • Cleaning the water valve box
  • Cleaning the insect bug catching webs from the outside section
  • Dusting every doorknobs, entryways, switches and plug covers
  • Rubbing and washing of the surfaces of all windows and sliding glass entryways
  • Cleaning all windows and sliding glass and the entryway edges, ledges, and tracks
  • Cleaning within part of the considerable number of cupboards.
  • Cleaning the cabinets, vanities, polluted woodwork and all stainless steel sinks for glow
  • Cleaning the pipes apparatuses, cupboards, mirrors, and shower extras
  • Getting freed of all transient marks, pressing materials, upkeep and direction manage, along with it setting them in a methodical manner throughout the house
  • Dusting the dividers walls perfectly
  • Cleaning all the toilets, kitchen, machines, tubs and sinks
  • Getting freed of all temporary stronghold and names which are not required anymore, like the labels on the furniture

The responsible company tries out every way to offer you cleaner and smoother outlook of the house.  They usually charge on the basis of the rooms and the works done in the house. The amount does vary from every project so it is something important that you should clarify when you are hiring an expert cleaner, one should not pay an extra amount other than the budget list, provided at the beginning of the work.

One of the company among all is Empire Capitol Inc. who offer the top professional cleaners and the service to the clients for the best outcome.  You must keep a note of the portal services that you are supposed to render other than the normal services and responsibilities of the cleaning. The commitment of the company offering the service is very important, maintaining quality and deadline.  Do agree upon the terms for enjoying the best service ever.