Exterior Elements That Add Value to Your Property

Mowing the lawn and trimming the trees are common, exterior chores that beautify the property. However, you may be looking for more ideas that truly make a difference during a potential home sale. Explore some of the brightest ideas in the industry today in order to maximize your investment value.

The Functional Garden

With expenses growing for most households, saving money in any area is a welcome sight. An exterior element that truly adds value is a functional garden. Don’t just fill it with ornamental flowers. Plant vegetables and fruits that can be used in the kitchen. This garden might be in a corner area or highlighted as a raised-bed collection in the middle of the backyard. Make sure to point out the garden’s value so that visitors know where their strawberries and tomatoes might come from in the future.

Deck Construction

An outdoor deck is a solid structure that extends the appearance of a home’s functional space. Add a deck alongside the living room wall or sliding door. Use floating deck footings so that the hidden ground below can retain its drainage slope while the walking surface above remains level. The deck can be as large or small as you please, depending on the yard’s square footage. Add umbrellas, chairs and other accents so that everyone is attracted to the outdoors.

Stucco Enhancement

An exterior element that’s largely overlooked is the addition of stucco. Many houses have wood siding, which is prone to decline over the years. In fact, the wood might invite pests into the structure, including termites. Stucco is an attractive siding that lasts for many years. It doesn’t attract pests and water flows off of it with ease. This exterior choice, however, must be applied by professionals. Plan this upgrade carefully so that you have time to enjoy it while putting the home up for sale.

Patio and Barbecue Accents

Give visitors a reason to enjoy the backyard by adding attractive patio furniture and barbecue supplies. Almost everyone wants to enjoy an outdoor meal on a quality grill. Ideally, install a permanent barbecue area with lounge chairs nearby. Some homeowners go as far as adding picnic tables and umbrellas around the area too. By creating a livable space, the house looks larger and more attractive than ever before.

Don’t forget one of the simplest ways to upgrade your home is through paint colors. A faded exterior downplays all of the great accents added to your home. Be sure to have a strong, paint job before putting your home on the real-estate market. The color draws your guests into the home as they fall in love with the accents around the property.