Four Great Tips to Choose the Best Water Softener

Water softening has plenty of great benefits for human life. However, since hard water doesn’t pose any health risks, many people don’t really care about water softening. Despite of this fact, water softening is actually very important to do. This is because hard water contains minerals that can easily be crystallized and accumulated in your plumbing system. It will result in clogged plumbing system and also reduced water flow that will negatively affect your convenience when taking a bath or washing the dishes. Furthermore, the minerals in hard water are also known to leave spots in anything they touch, which will reduce the great appearance of your plates, sinks and bath tubs.

If you want to soften your water, then it is very important to choose a great water softener. To help you pick, here are some tips to choose the best water softener that suits your needs.

Size the Water Softener Properly

To ensure the best result, you must choose the size of the water softener carefully. To choose the most suitable water softening system for your needs, you need to take your household water consumption into consideration. Furthermore, every location will have different water hardness level so you need to know the hardness level of the water in your area. To find out the amount of hardness in your water, you can use water softener test kit.

Choose the Regeneration Model Carefully

Water softener is distinguished into several models based on its regeneration system. The first one is timer regenerated. With this system, you can set the time when you want the softener to regenerate. It doesn’t matter how much your water consumption is, the softener will regenerate according to the timer.

The second one is meter regenerated. Contrary to the first model, this softener will automatically regenerate when a certain criteria is reached, for example water consumption, grain or hard water level. This softener is one of the most popular because it is easier to use and the salt usage is very efficient. Meanwhile, the third one is manual regenerated. It doesn’t have any meters or timers and you have to manually regenerate the softener when you need it.

Consider Other Useful Features

In addition to softening hard water, water softener can be equipped with some extra features. It will be nicer if you choose a water softening system that also contains water filtration system. The filtration system is able to remove other contaminants from your water like chlorine, lead, sediment and even bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, you can also consider adding some other useful elements such as low salt indicators and water flow indicators. Those additional features certainly will make the cost higher and most of them are only available in high capacity system, but those features can reduce the maintenance cost of the water softener in the long term.

Hire Professional for Installations

If you have basic plumbing skill, then connecting the water softener to your plumbing system will be an easy task. But if you don’t, it is best to let professionals handle the installation. Water softening will bring so many benefits to your life, so don’t hesitate to install a great water softener at your house.