Leaky Downspouts: Bane Of New Roofs

Having a roofing system removed and replaced is something that all homeowners will eventually face. The cost of having shingles replaced on an average-sized home can easily run over $10,000. Thankfully, modern roofs can last for 20 years or longer.


Most professional roofers will inspect your downspouts and gutters and suggest replacing them, in some situations it is advantageous to do both jobs at the same time. The vast majority of gutters installed in the United States are fabricated on site, using a specially designed machine that can produce lengths of material long enough to eliminate the need for seams, as most do-it-yourself systems require. Most homeowners expect clog-free rain-gutter installation. Sterling Heights, MI, as well as Detroit and Lansing, each have a number of contractors available who can install seamless gutters.

Wider-Diameter Systems Clog Less

Generally, the larger the diameter of your home’s gutter system the less likely it will be to clog. Gutters come in 4, 5, and 6 inch diameters, with the widest offering the most clog resistance. Downspouts come in rectangular shapes, with larger 3 by 4 inch designs being a popular choice for clog protection.

Before finalizing a decision for a roofing contractor, check to ensure that they carry substantial-enough liability insurance that covers injuries, to workers, your family, and all other parties, and any damage that could potentially occur during the job. For professional roofing installers, this will not be an issue. Checking for reviews online and with the Better Business Bureau before signing a contract can’t hurt either.

Ask Trusted Friends For Roofing Contractor Recommendations

The best, most common place to get reliable reviews and referrals is from loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Most people that have owned homes for any length of time will have dealt with replacing a roof, if they don’t know someone else that has. They may be in a position to offer valuable advice and insight.

Professional contractors, for all home services, will present customers with an itemized quote, including a price and a list of conditions under which the price might be higher. Warranty information should also be included with estimates for roofing jobs. Once the job is complete, homeowners should be given an itemized invoice, that includes that actual amount of labor and materials used.

Houses Can Only Support Two Layers Of Asphalt Shingles

Homeowners with houses that currently have a single layer of asphalt shingles can potentially save by having new shingles installed over top. Ask your roofing contractor about this option, they should inspect the underlying structure supporting the shingles. In many cases, houses can support two layers of asphalt, but not as many as three. Shingles will need to be removed, which adds about $100 per square foot to the cost of a renovation, if there are already two layers in place. This is required by the vast majority of municipal bylaws and other legislation, including the professional standards your roofing company is held to.