How important is the filter media change for your home filtration system?

<2016/06/How-important-is-the-filter-media-change-for-your-home-filtration-system.jpg">How important is the filter media change for your home filtration system

No matter what is the shape and size of the home water filter system and what technology it uses, there is a filter media or filtration system in everyone of them. The filter media is responsible for the arrest of the floating and suspended particles in water. For good purification of water and efficient running of the filter the filter media needs to be replaced regularly. In some simple type of filters you can do it yourself, but in some cases you will need to call appliance repair marietta for a technician to do the replacement.

Why we need them replaced?

Many filtration systems consist of charcoal, carbon and other filter medium to carryout the filtration process. The system reduces the contaminants by either of the two ways.

In one case the contaminants gets filtered mechanically, which means the bigger one in size gets trapped in the voids in the filter media and gradually clog them. Some other contaminants adhere to the surface of the media for filtration. This results in to the complete saturation of the surface of the filter media and clogging of the pores of the filtration media which does not let the flow occur at its normal rate.

With pores heavily clogged, the flow reduces dramatically and the problem is easily spotted. But in case of the surface of the filtration media gets saturated, it becomes a little difficult to figure it out.

Frequency of change:

Every filtration system has its own filtration media which comes with a serviceable life. After this service cycle is completed the filtration media needs to be replaced. The service cycle for the filter media vary from one filter to the other.

Choosing the right cartridge: Avoid picking up the similar looking non-certified filter cartridges, since they do not comply to the quality standards completely. A small deviation in size may result in ineffective purification and reduced performance of the filtration system.

Always make sure that the genuine cartridges are used because you cannot afford to let someone play with the health and wellbeing of the family members.