A Guide on GeeFix Plasterboards Fixings

Plasterboard comprises three layers. The two outer layers of the plasterboard are made of lining paper while the inner layer which is made up of gypsum. The inner layer is sandwiched between the two outer layers. The outer layers of the plasterboard also include in them some additives of the inner layer made of gypsum, and this varies the strength and the weight of the lining paper. This makes the finished board have different properties. If you have dry-board walls or hollow plasterboard in your house and are unsure of the right fixing for your premise, then this article is designed to help you on your choice when choosing the proper plasterboard fixing.


Plasterboard fixings have all had some serious disadvantages in the past. This is because some of the plasterboards have a high chance of failing and they are not reliable enough for any heavy objects. It’s hard to find a fixing that is capable of fixing items such as towel rails, cycle racks, radiators TV brackets, curtain poles and cupboards. Right now, however, there is a fixing that can now fix these items.

GeeFix is the fixing that has been designed and tested to fix these items. The tradesman who designed the GeeFix fixing has over thirty years of experience.  The tradesman tried all the cavity fixings that were available in the market and found their weaknesses. The tradesman realized that the only way to get the ultimate fixing was by inventing the fixing himself. GeeFix has been tested and is the strongest fixing on the market. This is the only fixing that is compatible with pasteboard, chipboard, plywood, lath, MDF, Metal, insulated plasterboard and other materials. Research on various fixings on the market has revealed to us the GeeFix outperforms all heavy-duty cavity wall fixings that are available on the market. The testing of GeeFix fixing was on various capabilities which include; tensile, shear, and capabilities on cantilever strength on plasterboard of 15mm thickness. Some of the benefits of Using GeeFix over other cavity plasterboard fixings Include:

  •    GeeFix works for materials that have a thickness that ranges from 3mm to 75mm
  •    It’s much easier to use the GeeFix fixing; this is because you need not feed the final fixing with the item that you are fixing beforehand.
  •    GeeFix is known to work well with vapour barriers. The fixing has the advantage of not perforating the barrier itself.
  •    Unlike other fixings out there that use bolts for their final fixing, GeeFix uses standard screws for its final fixing.

How to Fit GeeFix

Unlike other cavity wall and plasterboard fixings, the Geefix fixing is quick and also simple to fix. This fixing does not require any special tools when fixing. To fix a Geefix fixing to a ceiling or a cavity wall, all you need to do is to follow the instruction given, carefully.

The period of installing a GeeFix fixing is dependent on the user. This is because for a first-time user the installation time is normally one minute. For a person who is familiar with installing the fixing, he or she can take a little period that ranges between 30-40 seconds.