What should you know when you are choosing a roofing company?

One of the biggest problems for homeowners is choosing the right contractor to do the necessary repairs. A storm can often be quite damaging to your roof and it may require a necessary repair, but don’t just accept the first company you come across. Homeowners have to find the contractor who is professional, that can be trusted, and who is honest.

Here is a list of tips that are very important when it comes to roofing companies, tips that will help you chose the right contractor and also protect your wallet.

Trust local companies

If you choose a company from your local area, the probability of scamming and issues will be much lower. These companies are aware of local rules and they have already established a good relationship with suppliers. Asking yourself which are roof companies near me will be the best choice to start with.

Check designations of a company

In order for a company to be certified as a factory, the company has to pass some minimum requirements. Contractor designations will prove this to you.

Research BBB ratings

There are contractors who will knock on your doors right after a storm occurs. Make sure to take a look at Better Business Bureau and check if they have great scores. If the company that is offering you a deal that seems great, but is not on a BBB list, try to avoid it.

Extensive warranties

If the contractor is not able to give you a warranty that will cover the workmanship, try to not make any deals. If the roof is not installed properly it can take years for damages to show up and your insurance is not going to pay for it. You will have pay for a new repair from your wallet and it will cost you a lot of money and energy.

Think about your safety

A company that doesn’t have a proper training for its employers is not the right company to make a deal with. There is an organization called CARE and it trained over 250,000 people to become professionals. Make sure that your roof is made by a professional and you will have nothing to worry about.

Insurance and licenses

Ask your potential contractor to provide you with a copy of insurance certificate. If the contractor doesn’t have insurance for the employees there could be some problems between you and the company. If a worker gets an injury while working on your roof, the contractor without the insurance can make you pay for the treatment. You want to avoid this unpleasant situation, but most of the companies do have insurance so these situations are not a common thing.


If the potential contractor is telling you that they will handle the repair on your roof without you having to pay for your insurance deductible do not accept that company. If this happens, the contractor is trying to commit insurance scam and the company is putting you in danger.

Insurance claim

Do not make a deal with a contractor that tries to convince you that they can handle your claim. The company is most likely trying to break the law, and the contractor that is willing to do so should never be the one that you want to make any deals with.

Avoid pressure

If the contractor is trying to pressure you to sign a contract with the company before the damage is estimated, think twice who are you working with. You want to know what is the exact amount estimated by the insurance company. You should expect from the contractor to check the damages one more time after the insurance company to make sure that they didn’t miss anything.


Always avoid the contractor that is denying offering you different types of shingles to choose from. The material and specifications of a shingle can affect the overall value of the home, and you may have problems selling it in the future. You want to upgrade your roof to a better quality and an aesthetic style that you want if the insurance company is going to pay for the repair, so make sure that the contractor is able to offer you different types of colors and designs of shingles. Read more about it here.