Improving the Walls, Improving Your Home


When you are planning on home improvement project, it is better focusing on the wall. For old houses, the wall needs more attention especially when you find spots of water damage or molds there. It can be a sign of potential danger for your family. When the wall structure is still in good condition, then what you need is removing the mold and repairing the water damage before at last, repainting the wall with the new paint color.

The wall improvement must be done the right way for optimum result and it may involve removing all layers of paint including the old ones hiding beneath the surface. This when you need to give more attention because old paints may still contain lead and it can be very dangerous. It would be much better option to hire restoration company to address the mold problem as well as removing the lead paint surface safely. Western Environmental Solutions is the leading name for Restoration services in Canada. Among its expertise are professional mold removal services and lead removal services. Using advanced technology and methods, the professional team will completely remove the mold and makes sure it won’t grow again. They will also remove the lead paint completely without leaving any trace of contaminants to expose your family and surrounding environment.

Once the walls are perfectly cleaned and improved, it is time to finally paint the wall with the new colors of paint. A Burst of Colour is the leading professional painting company with years of top reputation serving commercial and residential clients throughout Calgary and surrounding area. They have team of professional painters familiar with exterior and interior wall painting and highly trained to use the paint efficiently while ensuring optimum result. This company is committed what they do is more than just painting the walls but helping its clients creating an ideal space for their activities.