Perfect the Art of Landscaping with Plant Hire

No, we’re not talking about renting some extra greenery to fill your garden or home. We are talking about the sort of plant hire and contract crushing which is usually associated with construction. While it is true that these machines are most often used for construction work they can also be used to vastly improve landscaping projects.

Remove excess soil with excavators

An excavator is a large construction vehicle with a hydraulic boom arm, dipper and bucket which is used to dig up large amounts of soil at a time. This can be particularly effective in landscaping jobs where you want to create hills, ponds or any other feature that requires uneven ground. Using an excavator will be a lot quicker for this than getting people in with shovels, which saves you both time and effort. Also, if you want to lower one section while raising another, the excavator can simply place the soil removed from the one side on the end you want raised, significantly simplifying the task with a little plant hire and contract crushing.

Dig, load and move with tractor-loader-backhoes

For smaller-scale jobs you can use a tractor-loader-backhoe, which has a similar arm and scoop to the excavator for digging. This vehicle also has a front end loader scoop in front which can serve a number of useful functions. One of these functions would be if you needed to level an area which has been worked by lowering the scoop to the correct level and driving forward. The scoop will flatten the ground while picking up the excess soil and pushing it away to be used elsewhere. The scoop can also be used – perhaps unconventionally – to lift and push large stones out of the way and even for uprooting stubborn tree roots that just refuse to be moved.

Turn unwanted rock to sand/dust with crushers

This last one is serves both a functional and aesthetic function of plant hire and contract crushing. If you have a lot of excessive stone or even just large stones on your site which you do not want, consider crushing them instead of just throwing them away or simply removing them. There are a variety of crushers available that can crush these stones and rocks down to varying shapes and sizes. If you want to add some colour variation to your sandy areas, stone that has been finely crushed could be a perfect solution, as well as being cheaper and easier than going out to buy someone else’s crushed materials. If you want some pebble filling alongside a pathway or so, you can have your stone crushed to that shape and size too!

The world of options opened up by using plant hire and contract crushing is limitless! All you need is a reliable company to provide their specialist services and you are all set to perfect your landscaping.